Packaging Accessories

We offer a range of complementary packaging accessories as a one-stop solution. These include edge protector, stretch films, OPP tapes, bubble rolls, foams, paper pallets and more.

A brief write-up about the accessories (in a clockwise direction):

Bubble Roll

Bubble is the most versatile packing material, providing protective cushioning and flexibility to wrap around products. The air-filled bubbles are designed to cushion an item from force.


Customized foams are able to act as a cushioning for your product especially during transport or shipping. In addition, foams also have excellent efficiency, high tearing strength, durable standards, are flexible and resistant against water, abrasion and moisture.

Masking Tape

Masking tapes are easy-to-tear paper tapes. Commonly used by painters to mask off areas. Packing Tip: Do not secure the sides of your packing box with Masking Tapes. Use OPP Tapes to secure all sides of the carton box in transit.

OPP Tape

Commonly used for carton sealing purposes.

Stretch Film

An efficient method used to wrap and secure pallets of goods in transit.

Edge Protector

Made from high grade raw material, our edge protectors can be customized to meet diversified needs of our customers. These provide an excellent protection to your goods and keep them safe from abrasions and bumps for any amount of time.

Paper pallet

Made of corrugated fibreboard. Some of its benefits are lighter weight than wooden pallet, disposable, recyclable and no fumigation.