Quality Control Testing

Compression Strength Test Machine

It is important to carefully consider all the factors that weaken the stacking strength of a box before products are packed and put into the distribution cycle.The compression test measures the stacking strength of cartons. Package components are also evaluated for compression resistance.

Bursting Strength Test Machine

One key determinant of the strength of a carton is the bursting strength. The bursting strength is a measure of how much pressure is needed on one square inch of carton to cause a break in the material. The bursting strength of a carton is generally reported in pounds per square inch.

Edge Crust Test Machine

This is a common test performed on a carton to determine its strength. This test is used to determine the force that will crush a standard size of board standing on an edge. ECT for single wall cartons ranges from 23 to 55, and for double wall cartons from 42 to 82. The measurement unit used is pounds per inch.